Dirty Laundry

August 31, 2007

Considering I haven’t posted in a while some people would assume I have something important to say..

 Well no actually…

I’m going to talk about the fact that we finally have the dryer fixed!!!!  I never thought I’d be this excited about laundry.  The dryer has been broken for over a week now and I was starting to get really desperate in the clothing department.  I really had to make some interesting wardrobe decisions especially these past few days considering all my ‘good’ clothes were not wearable.

There is the fact that I had full use of my sister’s dryer, and if you consider the fact that she lives next door then all my laundry should be done right?

Well you’d be wrong again because you’re missing one important detail.  I’m L A Z Y !

By the time I’d go throw in a load in her dryer, by the time I’d remember about it two days later, I’d already have another pile to do and the vicious cycle continued.

But now I’m sitting here, happy and giddy because I just folded my first load of laundry in over a week!  I’m estimating, counting the one in the dryer right now, that I still have 3 more loads to do.  But those shall wait for tomorrow.

Changing the subject…

Last weekend we rounded up as many females as we could and went out to party like there’s no tomorrow.  It’s really been quite some time since we all went out and had fun so we took full advanatge of it.  And fun was had by all!



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