I’m friggin’ tired!

September 12, 2007

So school has finally started for me again and for the past two days I have been up before dawn and its quickly catching up with me. 

I’m not used to waking up so early and I’m not used to sitting on my ass for three hours per class!!!  I can honestly say by the end of my first class on Monday my ass hurt….like LITERALLY hurt.

A few of the classes are semi interesting and bearable but a majority of them are like a visit to the dentist…painful to say the least.

Monday’s I’m at school from 9 to 6.  Take into account that it takes me 1.5 hours to travel each way you can assume that my day is pretty much screwy to begin with.  Now imagine after such a long day your last class is with the world’s most annoying teacher.  Now I have absolutely nothing against this teacher personally, just her actual teaching style kills me.  She gets sooooooo incredibly off topic that it took her the whole 3 hour period to go through  about 3 power point slides.  I swear everyone looked like they were in physical pain by the time her class was over.

You can all pretty much assume that most of my entries are now going to be filled with rants about school since that will consume the next 3 months of my life.  Especially once I start field practice.  If this semester will be as messed up as last semester then I will have TONS to write about.

Here’s a cute video of Mikey dancing the hokey pokey or however you spell it.  Please don’t make fun of him for the hat.  Then again, why would you make fun of him, I’m his mother and I’m the one that dresses him.  The point is that he insisted on wearing Ella’s hat so keep in mind that its not part of his daily wardrobe.


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