Mondays and Tantrums go hand in hand

February 18, 2008

Right around the time Mikey threw a fit over me putting in the wrong movie for him to watch and me spilling coffee all over my laptop  mouse I realised it’s Monday.  Now it all makes perfect sense. 

So Mikey’s tantrums seemed to have repearred for reasons unknown to me.  I’m soooo happy about that!!! <—- Sarcasm intended!

Saturday morning he had the worst tantrum EVER.  We took him to get his  haircut and once we came home I wanted to give him a bath to get the hair off that kept sticking to his neck and under his shirt.  Obviosuly Mikey had different plans and he decided to show me his distaste for baths by kicking the door as hard as he can, screamimg like a wild animal and gagging.  He also pulled out the big guns and did the whole limp like a noddle fall on the floor while hitting it with his fists and legs trick.  I wish I had my camera with me so you all could see what an angel of a child I have.  —> insert eye roll here <—-  The only plus side to his tantrums is if he has them right before nap time or bed.  He gets so tired out he actually sleeps!   

I have this friend whose daughter is one and she keeps saying how she can’t wait until she’s a toddler.  Why in the world would you WANT a toddler?  I made the mistake of wishing for that too.  A toddler, at least a few of the ones I know, is like a little Tasmanian devil.  They can destroy a room in 2.5 seconds, they bite, and they start their animal like behaviour for no apparent reasons.  I’m officially stopping the ” I can’t wait until he is 4, or 8 or whatever”  He will be that age eventually, that wonderful age where he will have his own friends and his own life and hopefully so will I again. I can dream  little on a Monday morning can’t I?

On Saturday we had Mikey’s and Ella’s Birthday party.  Since they’re only 1.5 mos apart in age we always do it somewhere in the middle between the two birthdays.  It saves hassle and money.  Surprisingly, after the show he put on in the morning he was a complete angel during the party.  He was so good I kept losing him at the playground.  Usually I can tell where he is by following the screaming and crying, but not this day.

Here are a few pictures.  I would put in more but my mouse still won’t work and this is my first time using the stupid touch pad on the lap top and its taking me forever to do anything. 

Birthday Boy


Birthday Girl


It wouldn’t be a birthday without Mikey sticking his hand in the cake


I’m off to clean, do laundry, and deal with many tantrums….all together now M O N D A Y  S U C K S ~


One Response to “Mondays and Tantrums go hand in hand”

  1. amygg said

    Your post made me laugh! lol I use to always say, “I can’t wait until such n such an age!” Ha! It only brings more craziness to your life! lol There is always something. My oldest is now 6, and she has the attitude of a teen! lol I hope your week got better!!


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