Goodbye Dora and Diego

February 26, 2008

TreeHouse TV – A channel here in Canada that runs children’s programing 24/7.

They rearranged the schedule!!!! They replaced Diego and Dora, can you believe it?! Two of the most popular shows for some very baby focused new shows.  They’re trying to keep up with the competition from Baby TV but why they would replace Dora and Diego is beyond me.  D was part of our routine and so was Dora.  Mikey would be hypnotised by Diego while I shoveled lunch into him.  He usually would be so engrossed by Diego’s new adventure that he wouldn’t notice the vegetables I was giving him.

Dora was part of the afternoon routine.  The kids would sit on the couch and yell at me to hurry up and give them the snack.  They would get a bowl of fruit and crackers and happily much away while Dora did SOMETHING/ANYTHING.  I need to get new DVDs..

Mikey has three shows that he absolutely loves. 


I have a love/hate relationship with Dora.  It’s on right now as I’m writing this.  Dora is one of three shows that Mikey watches faithfully and will sit through the whole half hour mesmerized.  That is why i like it.  I can get anything I need done…but i don’t really do anything productive at this time.

I hate Dora because I watch it (or listen to it) two times a day EVERYDAY.  Now that they rearranged the Tree House Schedule I’m not sure if it will be on in the afternoon but that’s what DVDs are for.  It’s such a repetitive show that sometimes I just can’t help but make snide remarks at the TV.

THE MAP:  I know where to find blueberry hill

ME: Is there anything you DON’T know?!


Very similar to Dora but a boy version.  Much to my husband’s dismay Mikey prefers Dora.  This is one of the three shows that Mikey will sit through but it’s usually a hit or miss depending on the episode.  I like Diego better than Dora and I’m not sure why. 


I’m not sure if this is a Canadian show but it’s Mikey’s new favourite.  I cannot stand it but it’s not really up to me now is it?  It’s a blend of Dora and Diego.  I like it because it really encourages kids to move around but Mikey will have nothing of it and just sits there staring.  I don’t like it because its confusing.  It has a weird dragon type thing, animoves (where she moves like animals) which have nothing to do with the actual story line and weird doors and creatures.

I feel I should also mention my all time most disliked kids TV show…


Whoever created this show should be fired.  The use of grammar and language in that show is enough to drive me crazy.  What kind of research did the producers of this show do that made them think its okay to teach children to talk like that???  Fishes instead of fish, wondra instead of wonder and other horrible things that escape my mind at the moment.  Also musical numbers that make no sense and have no rhyme or reason to them. 



7 Responses to “Goodbye Dora and Diego”

  1. Jodi said

    Really, you hate Wonderpets? I must be such a simple person. If they can make a real guinea pig look like it’s singing and dancing, I’m sold – LOL! I know what you mean, though. The “see-wious” thing grates a little 🙂

  2. amygg said

    LOL, I’m with Jodi, I like the Wonder Pets as well. I just think they are cute. My girls love em, too. But you’re right, it’s not teaching the kids the correct way to say something. Thankfully, mine havne’t picked that bad habit up, yet.

    Unfortunately, both mine loved Dora at some point. Emily has outgrown her, but Olivia loves her & has a stuffed “D” that goes everywhere with her. Emily got started on her when she was 2 & was given some video’s for her birthday. I didn’t let her watch them until like 6 months after her birthday! lol

  3. mikaela said

    i actually love baby tv. its great stuff. dora and diego are so loud and boisterous (although my daughters like them). we stick to baby tv at home

  4. Randi said

    I can’t STAND the Wonder Pets!! I’m with you, whoever created that should be fired!

  5. Tasha said

    You’re funny! 😛

  6. Jessica said

    My daughter watches Diego 24/7, so I got a DVD thats on over and over again all day, so all I do is turn off the tv and let the dvd running on so when she cries i just gotta turn on the tv and thats all. I’ve said goodbye to watching tv, and shes just 1 year and a month old!. (She dances the camera and the rescue pack song.)

  7. Dave said

    I wish they would replace them here in the UK, my kids love them but all I hear is a racket with both Dora and Diego shouting at me rather than talking. They even encourage the kids to shout “louder” “louder” “louder” very annoying. The other thing about both shows is they encourage your little ones to point at certain object which is quite a pain when you have to continually clean the screen of your LCD tv.

    Wonderpets is much better. No shouting!!!!

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