I cooked something!

March 1, 2008

So Tasha posted about apple dumplings on her blog the other day.  they seemed easy enough to make, even for someone as culinary-ly challenged as me.  I made them today and well…ummm.  I didn’t bother taking a picture of them because they looked NOTHING like they should have.  I do know where I went wrong and I might try making them some other day.

I baked them way too long.  I put on too much cinnamon which totally threw off the colour and instead of checking if the top was crispy I assumed it wasn’t.  Secondly, I didn’t put in enough mountain dew.  They didn’t taste AWFUL, but I expected them to be just a bit better.

In other news, I finally picked up my Bon Jovi tickets.  I’m very excited.  Not because I like Bon Jovi, it was the husband’s dream to go, but because I can get out of the house for half the night kid free I’ll sit through anything. 

The husband was just peering over my shoulder and asked me if I’m writing about what a wonderful husband he is.  So for his sake I will write about our little outing to the walk in clinic last night.  

A few days ago as I was vigorously brushing my teeth I somehow did something that made the toothbrush slip and I hit my gum, hard.  The next day my gum was sore but I didn’t think much of it.  Fast forward to yesterday and I thought I was going to die.  My gum hurt so much, it felt like someone was drilling my teeth.  I couldn’t talk let alone eat.  So off we go to see a doctor, who was nice enough to tell me to take some Tylenol and wait it out.  I wanted to kill him.  Tylenol??? I’ve been taking so many of those for the pain that they probably weren’t working anymore!

By the time we get out of there my head is throbbing and I can barley see through the pain.  The husband is walking a bit ahead of me towards the car and starts heading towards the passenger door.  I’m shocked and amazed thinking “He’s so sweet, he’s going to open the car door for me”  Something he hasn’t done since our wedding day mind you.  I come closer, look up and see that he’s wiping off the side mirror.  He finishes and goes and sits down in the driver’s side while I’m still standing there in front of a closed door.  My husband…so sweet, thoughtful and romantic.


2 Responses to “I cooked something!”

  1. Tasha said

    Oh no on the apple thingies! I have wondered what the Mt Dew is all about. LOL. I’m going to make them sometime this week so I’ll keep ya updated. And- sorry but- I am cracking up about your husband. This is so my life, too. I hope your gums get better soon, woman! Take care of yourself and go easy on the toothbrush. LOL

  2. […] July 26, 2008 I don’t cook….well. I hate cooking and it hates me. I can make a simple dinner but try and get me to do some type of artsy, fancy baking you might end up with something like my last attempt at baking […]

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