A quick infomercial…

May 5, 2008

Welcome to the Clean & Clear Advantage infomercial.
 I’m sorry to do this but I absolutely had to review this product.

I’ve had bad skin since those awkward teenage years. I know everyone always says this but I have tried EVERYTHING to get it all under control. The only thing I refused to take was accutane and similar drugs since the problems always come back once you get off it.

The one thing I thought for sure would work was Proactive. I heard so many great stories about it before. Well, how do I put this mildly…it sucked! The only good thing out of that whole kit was the oil controlling serum which made my 8 layers of make up stay on all day.

I finally gave up and decided to accept the fact that this is my skin and nothing will change that.

Two months ago I was doing some impulsive shopping, which for me means buying things that look nice but I most likely don’t need or won’t use. I saw the Clean & Clear Advantage system. It looked very similar to proactive as it was a three step program but the bottles were a shiny silver color and I decided to try it.

I haven’t looked back since. It is so far the best thing I have ever tried. It started working in about 3 days and I’m thrilled with the results. No more breakouts. My skin is still red from previous incidents but everything is healed and for the past two months I think I had about 3 tiny pimples which didn’t last more than a couple of days.

And now a message from our sponsors…

Ritz  crackers, if Mikey (the world’s pickiest eater) will eat them, then you know they have to be good!

And now back to the program…

I’ve gotten to know my skin pretty well all these years while searching for that miracle product. I know I have very sensitive and dry skin. I knew which products had the tendency to irritate it. Benzyl Peroxide was one of these ingredients and it is a main ingredient in this product.

I customized the three steps to fit my skin type and I would advise others to do the same. I started by only using the face wash and spot cream at night. I did not use their moisturizer as it is meant for extremely oily skin which I don’t have. I continued to use my regular moisturizers and regular face wash in the morning. After a month I no longer needed to use the spot treatment and I occasionally use the face wash in the mornings but religiously at night.

The best part about this??? It cost me less than $25.00 for an almost two month supply.










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  1. Tasha said

    Such a clever blog! Love it!

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