50 things

May 6, 2008

Many of the blogs I’m reading are doing this so I thought I would give it a try

1. My real name is Dorota

2. I prefer to be called Dorothy

3. Better yet, Dori is what most people call me

4. I moved to Canada when I was 7

5. I met my husband on a visit to Poland after not being there for almost 12 years

6. We were in a long distance relationship for a year before we got married

7. And a year after we got married

8. I lived in Poland with him for about 6mos and couldn’t stand it

9. I’m a true Torontonian and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else

10. I used to love to write and actually had a talent for it

11. I think pregnancy ate some of that talent

12. Mikey was a total and complete surprise but he’s the best thing that ever happened to me

13. I love cats

14. I love watching documentaries

15. And musicals

16. I’m tone deaf, cannot sing for the life of me

17. I’m not artistic

18. Or crafty

19. or athletic

20. the above things I can do on a two year old level and that is why I think I am such a good early childhood educator

21. I will be the first person in our family, EVER, in 100s of years, to graduate from College

22. I also hold that title for being the 1st high school graduate

23. I hate my curly hair

24. I love my hair straightener

25. I hate clothes and shoe shopping

26. I love shopping for make-up

27. I don’t spend money responsibly and have a hard time sticking to a budget

28. I have a few bad habits that I need to quit

29. My personal hell is folding laundry

30. If given the opportunity I could easily sleep in to 2pm

31. my dream is to visit Rome and Egypt

32. I have a huge interest in WWII history

33.The only famous person I ever met was Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block

34. I hate decorating and am getting a panic attack just thinking about our upcoming move into a new house

35. I could eat pasta all day, for breakfast, lunch, dinner…and sometimes I do

36. Mikey is a spirited child

37. I get coffee craving daily but don’t actually drink it

38. I’m not into nature and would pick a crowded mall over a walk in the woods

39. I refuse to stay at home alone after dark

40. Mirrors creep me out at night and I avoid looking at them on my way tot he washroom

41. I’m thinking of opening a large scale day care

42. I own three pairs of shoes not including flip-flops

43. I own two purses

44. That is proof how much I dislike shopping

45. I’m not planning on having any more children

46. We are getting a puppy in about two months (think I’m trying to tell my biological clock to shut up?

47. I would love to be on an episode of the amazing race

48. The only times I have been out of the country are the few visits to Poland, a grade 8 trip to Washington DC and a layover in Heathrow Airport

49. I love card and board games

50. I’m 24


2 Responses to “50 things”

  1. ohamanda said

    Oh, I’ll be on the Amazing Race with you! My mom and I actually tried out once. *Sigh* No call backs, though!

    Come on, that’d be a good team…friends via the internet!

  2. Tracey said

    I hear you on pregnancy stealing some brain cells. While I do believe I have become smarter in some areas, there are some things I just cannot do any more!

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