In the bedroom…

July 30, 2008

For this one post I am going to let you take a peek into my bedroom.  I will share a bedroom secret with you.  This secret will allow you to spend an amazing night with your husband and you both will awake the next morning renewed.


Are you ready for it?


It just involves a small piece of fixture.  Get yourself a CILIENG FAN!

Out of pure luck I discovered that this wonderful piece hanging from my ceiling had the magical ability to stop my husband from snoring!


I have this odd fear of ceiling fans.  For some reason I imagine them falling down while spinning and chopping me into little pieces as I sleep.  The fear didn’t go away even after my husband explained to me that it is impossible for that to happen.  He even demonstrated it to me by sticking his hand between the blades as they spun, where they promptly stopped, and to my disbelief he still had all his fingers.


My husband is a snorer, and at least 30% of adults and perhaps as many as 50% of people in some demographics snore.(  If I don’t fall asleep before he does I’m in for a horrible night.  If he gets a few drinks in him before he goes to sleep, then no amount of poking, turning him over and yelling from me will work.


On one particularly frustrating night I even took a video of him snoring.  I would totally post it but then he would kill me so I won’t.  It does sound similar to this though



About a month ago we were having a horrible hot night here in Toronto.  Our A/C completely sucks and we had somewhat of a sauna upstairs.  My husband was happily snoring away while I lay there wondering if the effort to smother him with a pillow would be worth it since it was so damn hot.


I finally got up and went to turn on the light.  My plan was to wake him up completely, knocking him out of sleepiness, so that when I lay back down I would have a sufficient amount of time to fall asleep.  The switch got screwy and instead of the light the ceiling fan came on full speed.  Instantly the snoring stopped.  I was in shock.  It can’t be that easy can it?  The cool air blowing directly down at that loud mouth stopped him from snoring.


Now, as soon as he starts his annoying loud breathing slash nose whistling (which we all know eventually leads to the freight train sounds) I just turn on the ceiling fan. 


I just make sure to sleep all the way by the wall.  According to my calculation, if it were to fall down the blades won’t reach me there.


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