August 14, 2008

The following post may contain language that may be offensive to some readers. 

A while ago Mikey and Ella (2.5 yrs) were having a particularly whiny day and being generally skittish.  Vanessa (8 yrs) said something that somehow frightened them and they began to whine.  That’s when Vanessa made a rather shocking generalization.


“You guys are such pussies!”


It took me a few seconds to register the words that came out of her mouth.


“Excuse me?” I asked her.


“What?”  She stared at me blankly. “They’re being pussies.”


She truly looked confused at the fact that I was so shocked by what she was saying.


So I ask her, “Do you know what that word means?”


She enlightens me by offering the following explanation.


“You know, like a cat, scaredy cat, pussy cat, scaredy pussy cat, so they’re pussies.”


There you go.  An innocent child and an adult perspective make for two very different interpretations.


And no, I did not explain to her what I thought she was referring to.


2 Responses to “MEOW!!!”

  1. Tasha said

    Ah hahahahahaha!

  2. Aneta said

    lol good one

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