A step by step guide to doing laundry on a Thursday

October 23, 2008

  1. Go into your laundry room ready tackle a load of darks
  2. Begin sorting the clothes in the basket completely unaware that everything is about to go wrong from here
  3. Reach in for a black sock and begin screaming like a maniac
  4. Look into the basket to see a 3 foot centipede (okay, so maybe it wasn’t 3 feet long but it was huge)
  5. Drop everything and run out of the laundry room
  6. Go back to slam the door shut
  7. Hyperventilate for 10 minutes in the kitchen
  8. Start thinking rationally, it’s just a bug, you’re much bigger than him, it’s more scared of you than you are of it  ( I highly doubt that)
  9. Continue thinking rationally, put on rubber gloves, grab a shoe and a bottle of Lysol spray
  10. Start taking out the clothes one by one, we do this by not actually stepping into the room, just leaning in and holding the piece of clothing by a single strand
  11. Proceed to spray the piece of clothing with the Lysol spray for a good 10 minutes hoping it will scare the bug out if it is inside ( I wonder what effect Lysol spray has on cotton)
  12. Continue to do this with two more pieces of clothing before getting the heebie jeebies again                    
  13. Drop everything on the floor, shut the door and call your husband
  14. Inform him that he has a load of laundry to do when he comes back from work.


5 Responses to “A step by step guide to doing laundry on a Thursday”

  1. ktother said

    Well I give you props for even going back in there! What a nasty looking thing, ewwwww.

  2. AmyG said

    LMBO! That’s as bad as the situation that I went through… although I think I still have you beat! lol

  3. Danielle said

    LOL! I have been there! basment laundry rooms (ours) ugh – spiders… YUCK. I feel your pain. I don’t think I stepped in our laundry room for a month once!

  4. Jeanna said

    Eebie Jeebies is right! Yucky!

  5. Shanna said

    Hillarious!!!! – exactly what I would have done! We have spiders here the size of my fist… they make my skin crawl. I cover them with a paper towel and a bowl and tell my husband to deal with them when he gets home!

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