Yes we can!

November 5, 2008

Let me make a confession.  I know more about American Politics than I do about Canadian Politics.  Considering the fact that I don’t really know THAT much about American Politics really goes to show you how interested I am in Canada.  I don’t even know who our Prime Minister is!  But I sure as hell know who the new President of the US is!


Can I just say how overjoyed I am that Obama did it?  That the American people finally woke up and embraced Democracy?


And I know it wasn’t supposed to be an election based on race but let’s not kid ourselves, it was.  Let’s not kid ourselves either, there are people all over the world right now loathing the fact that a black man is president of the United States.  I’m not one of them.


I was brought up with very conservative beliefs when it came to politics.  We didn’t talk politics much at our house but when we did my father made it very clear that he loves Bush and his agenda. (Excuse me while I gag)  Again, keep in mind as you’re reading this that I really know squat about politics so this is my own odd interpretation of everything.


Getting back to my father.  You would think that living through communism in Poland and watching it get defeated would have a different effect on a man, but for some reason it hasn’t.  I was   3 years old when Democracy was instituted in Poland and I wish I could have remembered that part in History.


I’m glad I can remember last night because this was history too.  I’m not sure that many people truly realize what last night’s events mean, not on a political level but on a HUMAN level. 


The battle was won but the war has just begun.  Obama has a huge job in front of him and I hope the US people can be patient and not expect dramatic results over night.


I stayed up and watched the speeches last night.  I will admit that Obama’s made me cry.  The one part in particular where he said, and this is not a direct quote, that tonight there will be people staying up after their kids go to bed, wondering how they will pay their mortgage.


He knows, he heard you, he understands and he will fight to help you! You need to help him too!


In the bedroom…

July 30, 2008

For this one post I am going to let you take a peek into my bedroom.  I will share a bedroom secret with you.  This secret will allow you to spend an amazing night with your husband and you both will awake the next morning renewed.


Are you ready for it?


It just involves a small piece of fixture.  Get yourself a CILIENG FAN!

Out of pure luck I discovered that this wonderful piece hanging from my ceiling had the magical ability to stop my husband from snoring!


I have this odd fear of ceiling fans.  For some reason I imagine them falling down while spinning and chopping me into little pieces as I sleep.  The fear didn’t go away even after my husband explained to me that it is impossible for that to happen.  He even demonstrated it to me by sticking his hand between the blades as they spun, where they promptly stopped, and to my disbelief he still had all his fingers.


My husband is a snorer, and at least 30% of adults and perhaps as many as 50% of people in some demographics snore.(  If I don’t fall asleep before he does I’m in for a horrible night.  If he gets a few drinks in him before he goes to sleep, then no amount of poking, turning him over and yelling from me will work.


On one particularly frustrating night I even took a video of him snoring.  I would totally post it but then he would kill me so I won’t.  It does sound similar to this though



About a month ago we were having a horrible hot night here in Toronto.  Our A/C completely sucks and we had somewhat of a sauna upstairs.  My husband was happily snoring away while I lay there wondering if the effort to smother him with a pillow would be worth it since it was so damn hot.


I finally got up and went to turn on the light.  My plan was to wake him up completely, knocking him out of sleepiness, so that when I lay back down I would have a sufficient amount of time to fall asleep.  The switch got screwy and instead of the light the ceiling fan came on full speed.  Instantly the snoring stopped.  I was in shock.  It can’t be that easy can it?  The cool air blowing directly down at that loud mouth stopped him from snoring.


Now, as soon as he starts his annoying loud breathing slash nose whistling (which we all know eventually leads to the freight train sounds) I just turn on the ceiling fan. 


I just make sure to sleep all the way by the wall.  According to my calculation, if it were to fall down the blades won’t reach me there.

Shopping bags…

July 21, 2008

Picture this.  I’m walking out of Walmart.  My cart is packed so high that I can’t see straight ahead.  I’m about to cross the walkway toward the parking lot when my cart hits a snag somewhere in front.  Again, keep in mind that I can’t see the front of the cart.  I look down and see a very tiny rise in the pavement.  Assuming I snagged that I back up and push the cart a little bit harder hoping it will jump the snag.  I’m still stuck, so this time I RAM the cart, grabbing some boxes that are about to fall off.  Around the third time my sister finally asks me what in the world I am doing.  Turns out I was slamming my cart into one of these…


This would explain why people were looking at me like THAT. 

Also, note to self:  Do not go shopping for women products with your two year old son.  As I threw a pack  of pads into my basket at Zellers the other day, Mikey decided to point at them and yell at loud as possible “Look, Mommy’s diapers!!!”


June 7, 2008

It has been 5 days since I have had a cigarette.  Everyone around me smokes and yet I haven’t even taken a drag.  Though I will admit I asked for one from my sister but she refused to share.  I have not had a drag even though Mikey is cutting his last molars and being a complete PIA.  I have not  had a drag even though we had a death in the family of someone I was very close to.

Day 3 was pretty bad as is today.

I remember people telling me that it takes 48 hours for the nicotine to clear your body, then I read it  can take up to 42 hours.  Today I read it can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks.  I haven’t even cleared a week yet, I don’t know how I’m supposed to go forever.

A fun fact about qutting smoking that I learned today.

The diziness is just your brain getting too much oxygen…that explains it.


I like new stuff…

April 11, 2008

I’ve always been awful when it came to saving money and sticking to a budget. I never thought things out and planned ahead. I am an in the moment kind of person and just deal with things when the time comes. I decided to work on that though. I was so proud of myself last night after I came back from my retail therapy trip.

I set a budget. I gave myself X amount of dollars and needed to come home with two jackets. I was in desperate need of a fancy jacket and an everyday durable jacket for taking Mikey to the park and whatnot.

Usually in a situation like this I would go into a store, pick the ones I like and buy them, most of the time I wouldn’t even look at the price tag. Then I would regret paying so much for it next few days. Last night though I actually shopped around. and for those of you that know me probably realise what a big deal that is.

I actually spent an hour trying on and comparing two jackets that I actually liked. That’s another thing I never do, try things on. I buy more or less my size and tell myself I can always return or exchange it later…which I never get around to doing.

On my X budget last night I bought not only two but THREE jackets!!! I also got a bag, pants and a wallet. I still had money left over for shoes but at the last minute decided against them…they weren’t THAT nice.

I did so well that I decided to try this thinking on our grocery shopping as well. I actually made a list and am planning on sticking to it, I wonder how much we can actually save by doing this.

I find it rather amusing that two years ago my biggest worry was which club we’d be spending our Saturday night. Now my worries are grocery shopping and being cheap…umm I mean thrifty.

Today is going to be a long day for me. Last night was awful. Mikey has a bit of a cold and was up every half hour until 3am. I was finally able to shake off the sleepiness and think logically enough to give him some Tylenol. That did the trick and I was able to sleep until 7. I have to do some emergency cleaning since w have guests coming from Europe tomorrow. I’m till trying to figure out where to put them. I’ll deal with that when the time comes…

I’m mother of the year!!!

February 23, 2008

I can’t even see straight this morning….that’s how drunk I got last night.

I’m totally kidding!!! Though sometimes I wish it was true.  But the truthful part of that statement was the fact that I can barley see straight, that’s how tired I am.  I got in around 1:30am from a babysitting favour at my sister’s.  For some reason I could not fall asleep once I got home.  I passed out around 3am and that’s when Mikey decides to play a 3 month old and wake me up every half an hour.

It didn’t seem like anything was bothering him like teething or a tummy ache.  I think that since I wasn’t the one who put him down at bed time, he was just checking to see if I came back.  Once he saw I was back he decided to check every half hour to make sure I didn’t leave again.

So needless to say, I’m cranky due to lack of sleep and so is he…great combination!  He’s on his 3rd episode of Dora already and it’s only 10am…it’s going to be a loooooong day.

I desperately need to clean.  Mikey’s new favourite activity is play dough, which is now everywhere.  I keep finding those annoying dried up little snot looking balls everywhere.  I need to do some serious vacuuming but I think I’ll be a bad mother and housewife today.  I will let my son watch cartoons all day, I will not clean and I think I’ll go wild and order pizza for dinner.  And I’m taking a nap when he is! Mother of the year award right here!!!!