Hating Cats

October 8, 2008

That’s our new addition.  I saw a picture of him one day and was on my way to pick him up the next. 

Let me explain something.  I love cats.  I am going to be that crazy cat lady in another 40 years or so, that’s how much I love them.  My husband on the other hand H A T E S cats.  He absolutley L O A T H E S them.  So I was a little bit nervous about bringing a cat home.  How would the husband treat him? 

Oh the cruelty!!! I can’t stand to look at it!!!

He’s not my cat, he’s Greg’s cat.  He’s a smart little furball because he knew exactly who to suck up to.  He follows Greg around like a little puppy.  Remember how I said Greg H A T E S cats?  Well, he hates this one so much he crowds my side of the bed at night so the cat can have room to sleep beside him.  He hates him so much that when I sent him on a grocery run last night he forgot the onions but brought home a wind up mouse.  He hates him so much that he didn’t even complain when we dropped $200.00 on the vet bill last night.

He H A T E S cats so much.