Yes we can!

November 5, 2008

Let me make a confession.  I know more about American Politics than I do about Canadian Politics.  Considering the fact that I don’t really know THAT much about American Politics really goes to show you how interested I am in Canada.  I don’t even know who our Prime Minister is!  But I sure as hell know who the new President of the US is!


Can I just say how overjoyed I am that Obama did it?  That the American people finally woke up and embraced Democracy?


And I know it wasn’t supposed to be an election based on race but let’s not kid ourselves, it was.  Let’s not kid ourselves either, there are people all over the world right now loathing the fact that a black man is president of the United States.  I’m not one of them.


I was brought up with very conservative beliefs when it came to politics.  We didn’t talk politics much at our house but when we did my father made it very clear that he loves Bush and his agenda. (Excuse me while I gag)  Again, keep in mind as you’re reading this that I really know squat about politics so this is my own odd interpretation of everything.


Getting back to my father.  You would think that living through communism in Poland and watching it get defeated would have a different effect on a man, but for some reason it hasn’t.  I was   3 years old when Democracy was instituted in Poland and I wish I could have remembered that part in History.


I’m glad I can remember last night because this was history too.  I’m not sure that many people truly realize what last night’s events mean, not on a political level but on a HUMAN level. 


The battle was won but the war has just begun.  Obama has a huge job in front of him and I hope the US people can be patient and not expect dramatic results over night.


I stayed up and watched the speeches last night.  I will admit that Obama’s made me cry.  The one part in particular where he said, and this is not a direct quote, that tonight there will be people staying up after their kids go to bed, wondering how they will pay their mortgage.


He knows, he heard you, he understands and he will fight to help you! You need to help him too!