February 12, 2009

In an attempt to fit into my role as a housewife I’ve been experimenting with cooking.


Anyone who knows me can confirm the fact that I hate to cook.  My husband can confirm that I cook the same meals over and over because they’re the only meals that turn out edible.  I’m not sure what the reason behind it is, but this winter I decided to do some experimenting in the kitchen.


I took baby steps.  I started with this , then this , and finally this.The fact that Mikey didn’t spit any of it out and didn’t tell me that it’s disgusting (which NEVER EVER happened before…ahem) meant that I’m onto something.


I decided to try something that didn’t involve cream cheese for a change and decided on this little gem .  Then I got REALLY brave and cooked up a batch of heaven.


My final hurdle was mashed potatoes.  Mashed Potatoes, you say? What’s so hard about mashed potatoes? My husband is obsessed with mashed potatoes.  Not any mashed potatoes will do, they have to be made by my brother in law and apparently no one can make them better, so I never bothered. 


While browsing Pioneer Woman’s  website I stumbled on a recipe for mashed potatoes  that contains nothing less but CREAM CHEESE!  I smirked to myself and knew I had him.  Everything else with the cream cheese went over so well then the mashed potatoes will be a hit for sure.


My husband has this really annoying habit of always saying what he thinks.  He calls it honesty or something like that.  So when I asked him how he liked the potatoes he said “Too much butter”.  Naturally I told him to go shove it and if he doesn’t like my cooking then he should find someone else who can cook to his satisfaction. 


He was truly surprised and asked me, “Well what did you want me to say? You asked me what I thought of them!”


And this ladies and gentlemen is why I never ask my husband. “Honey, does my butt look big in this dress?”